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Royal Rose Latte

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In the UK, the weather is constantly changing and due to this, we can never be quite sure what drink is perfect for each day.

We also like to change up the flavours of our drinks, whether that be warm or cold, plain or unusual flavours.

Therefore we have come up with a solution... The perfect cold mornings drink or bright afternoons drink!

A Rose Latte - Rich in flavour and delicate in smell, as well as the satisfying option to drink warm or cold.

Sounds complicated, but its so much simpler than you may think. In fact as I write this, I am drinking this incredible warm Rose Latte and it is undeniably the best coffee I have ever had!

You cant get much better than a cup of hot coffee, with the scent of a blooming rose.

Below is the recipe for one serving!


1 expresso shot (or 100ml boiling water with a tsp of instant coffee granules)

250ml brown rice milk (or milk of choice)

1-2 chunks of conscious chocolate, love potion no. 9


1.Heat the milk in a small pan on the hob using a medium heat

2. Make your expresso shot

3. Once the milk is steaming, turn down the heat and drop in a chunk or two of conscious chocolate, love potion no.9

4. Once all the chocolate has melted pour your expresso shot into the milk

5. Serve hot or allow to cool and serve with ice cubes

Let us know how you all get on, we would love to see some photos.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead of you!

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